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Latest news

CSI Shakespeare: Year 5 Investigate a Mystery!

Year five were faced with a crime scene this week, as a serious incident occurred on the corridor!


During lunchtime, it seems that someone stole Mrs Fox's Chewits Jar and emptied the contents. The local police were called to cordon off the crime scene and protect the evidence.


All children had a chance to examine the crime scene and discuss with the police how they react when faced with a similar situation in the real world.


On returning back to the classroom, the children spent time learning all about the different ridge characteristics found on our fingertips and how unique we each are.

IMG_1179 IMG_1180

As a result, the children narrowed down their search and located the culprit who turned out to be...Mr Feather! He blamed a stressful morning with missing PE kits in Year Six, a lack of read and responds brought into class and too many white trainers as his reason for needing a sugar fix! 


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