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Latest news

Introducing: Photography Club

At Shakespeare, we're very proud of our exceptional range of After-School Sports and Learning Clubs.

This year, having grown hugely as a school, we have set up even more clubs to accommodate all the children who have wanted to explore new skills or develop current ones further through extra-curricular activities.

Miss King, our 3 - 4s Nursery Teacher, has started the brilliant Photography Club. This is what she has to say:

We have recently started a year 6 photography after school club, this runs on a Monday straight after school. Our aim is to take 'amazing' photos. Each week we concentrate on a different component of how to take a great photo. 

Week One

We looked at how to set up a great photo concentrating on the rule of thirds, making sure the interesting bit in your photo is only in one third of the final picture.


week 1 thirds

We looked at famous photographers works and some of Miss King's photos before setting off to take our own. We used Lego people as our 'model' for each picture.

Our Work:

child's work week 1

Week Two

This week we looked at taking a photograph which has forced prospective in it. This is where you create an optical illusion by making an object appear larger, smaller, further away or closer than it really is.

Example of Forced Perspective:
forced 3

Our work:

week 2 children's work

Week Three

In week three we set about taking amazing portrait photos. Our club began with our own research looking at famous, fabulous portrait photos. The children then became the models and snapped photos of each other before editing them to make them even better.


famous 1 week 3

Our Work:

week 3 children;s work 2

The children have produced so many amazing photos so far that we couldn't resist showing off their work:

week 2 childrens work

week two children's work

week three children's work 5

week 3 children's work 4

week 3 children's work 3

week 3 children's work 1

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