Shakespeare Primary School RSS Feed Latest news from Shakespeare Primary School en-gb Parent Voice Newsletter - January 2020 Wednesday 22nd January saw us host a new record number of parents at Parent Voice. 2020-01-24 Year 3 visit to Leeds University Library Gallery Year 3 went on a trip to Leeds University Library Gallery. 2020-01-23 Year 4 Blue Abyss On Friday 10th January, it was Blue Abyss morning in Year 4. 2020-01-16 Year 3 Greek Day On Friday 10th January it was Greek Day in Year 3. 2020-01-15 Year 2 Christmas production Lights, Camel, Action! 2019-12-19 Samuel Pepys came to visit Year 1! 2019-12-05 London's Burning! In Year 1 we have been burning houses! 2019-12-04 Road Safety 2019 The whole school learnt about Road Safety with the Influencing Travel Behaviour Team from Leeds City Council. 2019-12-02 Writers' Day Six of Shakespeare’s best writers spent a day at Woodlands primary meeting a real life author and learning some top tips on writing the best stories. 2019-11-28 Year 5 Walk on the Wild Side Year 5 enjoyed a great morning with Lion Learners, meeting a variety of 0-, 4- and 8-legged creatures! 2019-11-28