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Latest news

Shakespeare's First Chess Match

This week we've had our first school v school chess match and it was great fun!

Five Lanes Primary School also have regular chess lessons provided by Chess in Schools & Communities so we went to visit them with a team of 8. Each child played the same opponent twice (once as white and then once as black). If you won your match you were awarded 1 point, for a draw it was 0.5 points and a loss was 0 points.

So there was a total of 16 points available and it ended with a score of 8.5 for Five Lanes versus 7.5 for Shakespeare. There were some really close individual matches with evidence of some really great play.


Whilst it got a little bit noisier towards the end, it was brilliant to see how focused the children all were on their games - it was pretty much complete silence for quite a while with only the sound of pieces being moved! We lost by one point but all the children were all a credit to the school. 


We've invited Five Lanes to Shakespeare for a rematch, so we'll hopefully get the opportunity to beat them next time! 


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