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Year 5 Explore Hearts!

This week, Year Five have been donning their rubber gloves and facing some of their fears. Our current topic is Blood Heart and this term we will be learning all about our most important organ, so what better way than to visit our local butcher and dissect some sheep hearts!


Some of the children were confused as the heart was a different shape to what they imagined and it wasn’t quite what they expected. Through the gaps in their fingers, they watched on as the ever confident teachers modelled a dissection and then it was time for the children to get ‘hands on’.



Before we cut into them, we had to feel to see which side was the thin side and which was thicker: the thicker side was the ventricle muscle. When we cut the hearts open, we could see the blood vessels, the 4 chambers and the aortic valve. We put our fingers through the aorta and pulmonary artery to see which chamber they went into.


We started at the Vena Cava, following the path of deoxygenated blood through the right atrium, and right ventricle before its journey towards the lungs to pick up more oxygen. Back from the lungs we followed the path through the pulmonary vein, through the left atrium and ventricle before exiting with oxygen rich blood through the aorta as the blood headed to the rest of the body to keep us going.


The children were full of questions throughout and loved seeing the organ which keeps them alive and learning all about how it works – we definitely had some budding surgeons among the classes!



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