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Year 4 create potions using the magic of science

To kick start a new half term at school, Year 4 enjoyed their memorable experience for their new project- Potions.


Starting straight after lunch, and with a break in the other wise bleak weather, Year 4 began their afternoon by making scientific predictions about which bottle would be most explosive when Mentos were added to it. Having made predictions, the three teachers and all of the children stood well back and we tested our predictions. We then learned about the gas in fizzy drinks that causes the chemical reaction.


Following that explosive start, we headed back into the classroom and took part in a carousel of different activities. In Mr Doyle's class, we created a colloidal solution of cornflour and water, which we all preferred to call gooey slime! It was a bit messy but we used the equipment really well and produced some excellent results. In Miss Balls' class, we churned our own butter from cream, just using the energy of our own muscle action! It was tiring but worthwhile when we got to tuck into our delicious butter with a cracker. Finally, in Mr Ryan's class, we created some explosive potions and had our minds blown by the results.

potions 1

All of this experience, has got us ready to learn more about the scientific properties of solids, liquids and gases and to find out why what happened actually happened, which we'll be getting stuck straight into in this exciting science-themed project- Potions.

potions 2

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