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Latest news

Year 5 & 6 Travel Back In Time at Armley Mills

On the 30th and 31st January, we went back in time and spent the day as Victorians at Armley Mills.


As usual, everyone loved the gift shop but other highlights included: dressing up in flat caps for the boys and bonnets for the girls; watching a real life, working mill and learning to write with an ink dipper.


Although it was lots of fun for us, we learnt that being an actual Victorian child in Leeds was really tough. Working in the mill was dangerous, smelly and tiring. Whether you spent your wages on holidays, food or at church it all went back to Richard Arkwright. You earned a wage just to give it back to the gaffer!


Miss Julie taught us in the afternoon and was much stricter than what we were used to. One particularly disruptive pupil was even given the backboard as punishment!


A wonderful day but we are all glad to be returning to 2018.  

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