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Year 5 Walk on the Wild Side

As part of our Darwin’s Delights project, Year 5 were lucky enough to host ‘Lion Learners’ – an educational animal experience. Michala Smith arrived in the morning with a variety of interesting insects and mammals for our young Darwins to learn about.

Warning: This article contains a photo of a tarantula spider!


First in the queue for a cuddle was Millie the rabbit. She was absolutely gorgeous and very well behaved. We learned that rabbits are herbivores and we asked why they have very long ears.  Next came Jack. Jack was a very old tortoise. Michala told us why he had a shell and demonstrated why it was important for his survival in the wild.

The brave amongst us waited patiently for Holly the corn snake to be passed around. Holly came from America and ate mice. We learned about carnivores and why snakes shed their skins


Rose the tarantula followed. Lots of children held Rose in their hand and she even perched on shoulders and legs. We learned that taratulas eat insects and come from South America. Our last visitor was Stefan, the bearded dragon. What a specimen! We learned that his beard turns black when he is grumpy. We learned that he is an omnivore which means he eats other creatures and plants. We were told he came from Australia and copes with the extreme heat by burrowing underground.


The Year 5 children asked some very clever questions about diet, habitats and how old the animals were. They had the most wonderful morning. Thank you, Michala, for a truly fantastic educational animal experience. Memorable indeed!

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