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Latest news

Year 5 Innovate Afternoon: Death Masks and Bread!

We have had a wonderful afternoon in Year 5, making Egyptian Death Masks. The children have worked tirelessly to design, create and upgrade their masks and we will work hard over the coming days to finish off, analyse and evaluate our creations. 


In ancient Egypt, masks were primarily used for two purposes: as death masks and as ritual masks.Ancient Egyptians believed that it is very important to preserve a body of the dead because the soul has to have a place where to dwell after the death. Preservation of the dead body was done by mummification - a process that involved removing of the internal organs and placing it in canopic jars, wrapping body in linen and embalming. It was also considered very important for the soul to be able to recognise the body so it can return to it. For that reason death masks were used.


We also spent some of the afternoon in our new food technology room, creating some traditional Egyptian breads. The children loved seeing how the Egyptians used to make their bread and were confused when no yeast was included in the recipe - they didn't seem to knead it (haha)! 



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