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About our school

About our school

00433 (Medium)Assessment

Assessment at Shakespeare Primary School

Effective assessment provides information to improve teaching and accelerate learning. We give learners regular feedback on their learning. This is done through a variety of ways such as: marking and feedback, questioning, learning conversations with children, discussing next steps in their learning (targets).  This allows teachers to plans lesson around a detailed knowledge of each pupil. The attainment of pupils in reading, writing, maths and science is assessed half termly by teachers in order to track progress.

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of assessment in our school are:

  • to enable our children to demonstrate what they know, understand and can do in their work;
  • to help our children understand what they need to do next to improve their work;
  • to allow teachers to plan work that accurately reflects the needs of each child;
  • to provide regular information for parents that enables them to support their child's learning;
  • to provide school leaders and governors with information that allows them to make judgements about the effectiveness of the school.¬†

Statutory Assessments

Across the primary school phase there are formal assessments procedures which all schools in England must follow.

Progress check at age two
All two year old children attending our Nursery will have a progress check between 24 and 36 months. A written summary detailing development within the Prime Areas of the EYFS will be shared with parents. The check will be recorded on the Leeds City Council format. Where children have not yet had a two year health review with their Health Visitor, an integrated two year review will take place between the child's Key Person and their Health Visitor.

The end of Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception)

All pupils are assessed against the Early Learning Goals at the end of Reception.

Year 1

All pupils at the end of Year 1 take the Phonics Screening Test.

The end of KS1 (Year 2)

All pupils in Year 2 are assessed in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science. Children are expected to be at National Standard in the Year 2 Curriculum.

The end of KS2 (Year 6)

All pupils in Year 6 are assessed in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science. Children are expected to be at National Standard in the Year 6 Curriculum.

Reporting to parents

At Shakespeare Primary school we offer parent/carers the following;

  • All parents/carers are invited to school for an informal induction meeting before their child enters Reception
  • All parents/carers are invited to an open evening in the Autumn and Spring terms to discuss how their child has settled in and to discuss targets for the coming year
  • All parents of SEND pupils attend an annual review meeting to discuss progress and targets
  • Parents/carers receive a written report at the end of the school year and an invitation to discuss this with the child's class teacher if they wish to discuss the content of the report.