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Latest news

Artist workshops in Year 5

Kevin Hickson, a potter and painter local to Leeds, has been working with the Year 5’s. He takes his inspiration from nature and creates both realist art and abstract compositions. Kevin teaches art and pottery in schools, community groups and charities and also sells his pottery pieces and paintings.


He has been working weekly with the children to create sculpture out of both willow and clay. As an initial project, Kevin showed the Year 5’s how to roll the clay into a ball ready for rolling out flat with a rolling pin, cut shapes out of the clay with either a circular cutter or a clay shaping tool and use their fingers to smooth out the edges of their moon shapes to create full moons and crescent moons.

To further enhance the techniques needs to create sculpture, the children have been using pieces of willow to produce a tripod structure and have been joining the pieces together by wrapping them with masking tape.


They have then used smaller pieces of willow to add fins and create a rocket shape. Next, they used PVA glue to completely wrap the structure with wet strength tissue paper and used a sponge to smooth the glue onto both sides of the paper. It was a very messy job! Finally the children decorated the structure with colourful patterns, shapes, and lettering. It was important to make sure there was glue on both sides of the tissue paper so it would stick securely. Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed working with Kevin and have mastered many skills needs to create structure out of various materials.

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