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Latest news

Beast Creator Memorable Experience

Every day, around 700 children and over 100 adults call Shakespeare Primary School ‘home’, but the children in years 5 and 6 wanted to find out what other living things thrive and survive on our school grounds.


The children in years 5 and 6 got their Beast Creator Project off to a ‘fly’ing start with their memorable experience, exploring the Shakespeare School grounds. We wanted to find out what different types of trees there were on the school grounds, where the best place to find minibeasts was, and what other creatures called the Shakespeare site ‘home’.


Using an i-dial tree identification device from The Woodland Trust, the children studied the leaves of our trees carefully and discovered that we have a wide range of trees growing including lime, birch and ash.


Next, we looked all around the site to discover where the minibeasts were lurking. We lifted logs and rocks and searched around the pond area and in the bushes, trying not to jump when a woodlouse scurried out or a worm slithered into view!


Our final challenge was to find out what other animals might live on the site.  We looked for evidence that animals or birds had lived, were living or passed through the site, and were surprised by what we found. We discovered holes where foxes or rabbits could have made their burrows, nests where birds were living, bones left behind by scavenging foxes and lots of evidence that birds had flown over!


We were all amazed at the range of plants and creatures that live in such close proximity to us, and we will certainly make sure we show respect for them in future.

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