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Latest news

Flashback 4 and Arithmetic Starters

We love maths at Shakespeare Primary School

Because of this love of maths we know how important it is to start our maths lessons in the right way. Recently, we have been working hard at improving our maths starters using a mixture of arithmetic starters and a new resource from the White Rose Hub: The Flashback 4.


This resource is a fantastic way of helping children recall information from previous lessons. Each day we look at four different questions using the Flashback 4 activity. The first questions will be linked to the learning done on the previous day. Question two links to learning from around a week ago. Question three links to learning from around a month ago. Finally, question four links to learning from much longer ago and even can be something learnt in the previous year.

Children are encouraged to complete all the questions at the start of the lesson and then the teacher will work through the answers. Also, during the time children have to complete the tasks our superb teachers will be roaming around the room looking to tackle any misconceptions and assist with any retrieval (the act of remembering something). This act of remembering learning from long ago really improves retrieval strength for next time and reduces the chances of forgetting in the future. It’s vital work!


Teachers have also been creating and refining their arithmetic starters which are the starters children complete three time a week when they enter the classroom on a morning. These are up on the board ready for children to start the day right. As a school, we have been developing these starters and looking to address common errors or misconceptions within our classrooms whilst also maintaining the high standards of practice we know children need when it comes to the four fundamental operations in maths: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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