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Latest news

The Tutor Trust

Shakespeare has welcomed the Tutor Trust into school for the past five years. We are really pleased that we have been able to continue the partnership again this year as we know it makes such a difference to the children involved. 

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The Tutor Trust is a registered charity which aims to help tackle educational inequality in a unique way.  Their mission is to 'transform lives through tutoring' by making sure every child who needs some additional academic support can access a great tutor.  They recruit and train tutors, predominantly from local universities, in the core subjects of Maths and English and place them in primary schools. 

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We have 24 pupils in years 5 and 6 now accessing a tutor for 2 hours a week. Already, we have seen a growth in confidence with children beginning to enjoy the challenge of difficult calculations and complex maths problems. Class teachers love to hear children shout, 'I can do this already, I did this with my tutor'. 

Tutor Trust 7

A happy bi-product of having the tutors in school is that they provide an authentic platform for conversations about university. Our children enjoy spending time discussing what they are studying and (more importantly) how hard they had to work to get there! We look forward to sharing the impact our tutoring programme has had on pupil learning outcomes later in the school year. 

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