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Wheelie Good Food

During the second week of the Easter holidays, our children had the exciting opportunity to take part in the “Wheelie Good Food Club”.

The holiday club consisted of the children being taught by some very experienced coaches from Pro-Ride and Be Cycling; one of the coaches had even been in the Olympics! The children were able to borrow bikes and helmets due to the brilliant Bike Friendly School scheme - this meant that they had a great opportunity to learn and build on their cycling skills which they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to do!

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At the start of the week the children were taught bike safety and how to dismount properly, use their gears effectively and practised doing their safety checks when riding on/near roads when setting off. Then they moved on to games, races and courses! It was great to see the children enjoying being outside and riding their bikes – we were very lucky with the sunshine! At the beginning, some children struggled with being able to ride a bike confidently, but by the end of the week these children were riding over ramps, competing in races and riding up and down hills. On the final day, all the children received a completion certificate and 3 children received an additional certificate for ‘Most Improved Rider’, ‘Rider of the Week’ and ‘Sportsmanship Award’. The smiles on their faces did not fade, although they did have some aching legs by the end of the week!

As well gaining new skills and new friendships, the children were also given healthy breakfast and lunch each day. As part of the

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“Wheelie Good Food club” we spoke to the children about what a balanced diet looks like and the importance of looking after and cleaning our teeth. One afternoon, the children were given a toothbrush and toothpaste and they cleaned their teeth using a disclosure tablet that highlighted in bright purple the parts of the teeth they had missed when cleaning. The children loved this and were very excited to show us which teeth they had missed and would remember to clean them more next time! Each day the children were able to take something home which included a Covid police activity booklet and the toothbrush and toothpaste. As well as this, the children took home a bag of food every day which was generously donated by Re- Think. These bags consisted of lots of fruit and vegetables, cereal, bread, beans, soup, snacks and much more! We had some very happy families!

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