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Latest news

Y3 memorable experience

Year 3's topic this half term is Tribal Tales

For their memorable experience, they travelled back in time to the Stone Age to try their hand at being prehistoric people. They started their adventure in the Paleolithic Age, entering their classroom cave to create some cave paintings.



The children used charcoal, just like the original cave art, and oil pastels to draw animals and Stone Age people hunting.

Then they traveled to the Mesolithic Age to create shelters that they would have lived in.



The children used bamboo canes to create the tee-pee shape and then wrapped tarpaulin sheets around it to make it waterproof, which was much needed on the afternoons we were outside! The children were quite glad that we didn't use animal skin like they did in the Stone Age. We all decided that Stone Age housing wasn't as good as our own homes in the wind and the rain.

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