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Latest news

Year 4 Whizzbanging Potions day

Our new Potions learning project started with a real bang this term. 

Year 4 had a fantastic day learning all about solids, liquids and gasses with Chris Snowden.  He first got the children’s brains warmed up with some really fun brain tricks.  He then made a lava lamp using oils, coloured water and bubbles created using Alka-Seltzer.  It was really groovy.


The children learned about how dyes are made, using the science of chromatography.  Using special filter paper and felt-tip pens, the children were able to create rainbows of colour that really made us go wow!  The next activity was playing with home made slime that was both a solid and a liquid – something sure to perplex Newton.  Chris also showed us how to blow out a candle using an invisible gas – it was really spooky and fun seeing the candle blow out when he tipped the jug and nothing came out.  How did he do it?


The end of our Science day was outside as children set off homemade bottle rockets.  The pops really made us jump and was a fantastic way to end a memorable day.

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