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Science At Shakespeare

We Are Scientists and We Love To Investigate!

During a recent learning project, the children in Year 5 wanted to find out how the Vikings dyed their clothes. They wondered why the clothes tended to be quite dull colours and why, as far as we are aware, the Vikings did not wear clothes of neon pink or bright yellow!

Dye 2Dye 1

The children decided that the Vikings must have dyed their clothes using materials they found in their local environments and so set about collecting plants, soils and rocks that they found around the school grounds. By attempting to dye small pieces of paper or string, it soon became apparent that plants were the best source of natural dyes. They then prepared quantities of natural dyes by soaking brightly coloured fruit and vegetables in hot water overnight. (There was a little bit of cheating at this point as our school environment did not have all the fruit and vegetables that the children thought would be the best sources of dyes)

Dye 3

The following day, after the plants had been sieved out, cotton fabric was soaked in the solution and left again for a few hours.

When the children took the cotton material out of the colour solution they were amazed by their results! They had managed to dye their cotton fabric in a range of colours.

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