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Latest news

Year 5 and Year 6 Visit to Skelton Grange

As part of our return to normality as the threat of COVID-19 reduces, Year 5 and Year 6 children have had the chance to visit the wonderful Skelton Grange.


Skelton Grange is an environmental centre just on the outskirts of Leeds City Centre located on beautiful green space whilst being right next to an electrical power plant. This juxtaposition is the perfect contract mirroring our own usual busy school days with the more relaxed outdoor adventure we faced at Skelton Grange.


Fortunately, the trips have managed to have excellent weather as we are outside for almost the entire day. As part of our Beast Creator topic, we wanted an experience that would get us out into nature and the outdoors whilst also offering some brilliant learning opportunities.


Skelton Grange fit that bill and allowed us to explore the outdoors in a safe and well-maintained manner.

On the day, children were split into three separate groups and the opportunity to experience a set of difference activities. One group had the chance to pond dip and identify different types of insects, creepy crawlies and creatures living the pond.


They also had the chance to learn more about the lifecycle of a dragonfly and a frog. Another group spent time searching for various tiny creatures living on the grounds of Skelton Grange and using information given to try and understand why those creatures lived there. Finally, a third group was dissecting plants and learning more about the lifecycle of vegetation.


Friendly, fun and full of learning power, their volunteers (from The Conservation Volunteers) were all very happy to help lead our day and explain the intricacies of an insect’s life-cycle, a plants pollination and even the best ways to help out sad-looking bees. Thank you for a truly memorable experience.


All children had a superb time and they were so entertained and enthused in the learning they were doing. It was a marvellous trip and one I will certainly be looking forward to again in the future.

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