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Latest news

Year 3 & 4 Artist Visit

 We are all artists!

Year 3 and 4 had the opportunity to experiment with materials, shape and colour in their own artist workshop led by a real practising artist!

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To develop our Art curriculum and the experiences children access, we invited in an artist to work with Year 3 and 4 across a week. The artist, Natalie Bellingham, who works at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, worked with Year 4 on collage and with Year 3 on sculpture.


 Year 4 were joined by professional performance artist, Natalie, to teach us all about abstract collage. We developed our skills by mark making, initially, based on the emotions of being excited, angry, calm, confused and happy. We then moved on to develop our skills further by using a variety of different colours to create an abstract collage. We can't wait to use the collage making skills we developed as we continue with our I am Warrior Art Project, in which we are making Roman-inspired mosaics out of different types of dried foods.

"I liked it because we were using our emotions and thoughts and feelings in our artwork. I enjoyed using different materials like pencils, card and even getting chance to scrunch things up to express ourselves in our artwork." Adel Year 4

"I enjoyed that it wasn't just any old artwork, like drawing! It was about our emotions and I also liked it because we had to make shapes and pencil markings of our feelings as well!" Yamna Year 4

Year 3 were up next and were encouraged to delve into the work of Richard Serra! We talked about what ‘abstract’ meant and had a go at deciphering our own interpretations of abstract sculpture. We then talked about verbs we could use to inspire our own paper sculptures; rip, scrunch, fold, roll and had a go at experimenting with these actions. Afterwards, we used more words to inspire our style of painting; smear, flick and drop. We even got to paint with toothbrushes!


‘I was excited about what we were going to do because we had to learn about abstract art and guess what it could have been. We were then going to make our own abstract sculptures!’ – Hanan, Year 3


‘I really enjoyed the workshop as it made me happy and excited. I liked used textures and colour to make the sculptures different!’ – Anya, Year 3 red sculpture

Both year groups thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will be using their exploration of materials and artists to further support their respective projects; mosaics and fruit sculptures!

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