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Meet the Flintsones! Year 3 go back to the Stone Age at Herd Farm

As part of our learning project on Tribal Tales, year 3 went on a trip to Herd Farm for a real prehistoric experience! After a fun journey looking at the beautiful countryside of Leeds, we arrived at Herd Farm and felt like we had been transported back thousands of years to live like the first humans in Britain.

A real archaeologist showed us tools that were just like the ones used in the Stone Age and Bronze Age. We amazed him with our knowledge of the tool names and our understanding of what the tools were made from. A very good start!


We then set off on our way and began our lives as Mesolithic people, we worked well in teams to make our own Mesolithic settlement. We thought about how cold we would be if we had to live in a home like that! It was fun climbing inside though.

Next, we travelled in time to the Bronze Age and found ourselves in a real Bronze Age farm. We went inside real round houses and found out how they were made.


After lunch, it was time to be Bronze Age warriors. We had our faces painted to make sure we were ready for battle. We then learned how to throw spears across the battlefield. We also found out that spears were useful for hunting. Some of our warriors hunted down a deer for dinner to the delight of the cheering tribe!


Ayaan carried back the deer heroically to our settlement. It was time for one of our favourite times of the day - making a real fire. Our wise druids, Ilda and Jason, started a fire for the tribe and we sat and watched the flames in amazement.

A wonderful experience for everyone and I know it was one we will not forget! Well done year 3!


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