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Latest news

Year 3's Get Groovy with Graffiti

This week the year 3 children visited a local graffiti trail in the city centre and then made their own t-shirts with some graffiti of their own!

The children are looking at modern art works such as Banksy in their current learning project 'Urban Pioneers'. They went to the graffiti wall in Leeds next to the Playhouse where they observed and were photographed being part of the art work before coming back to school to design their own graffiti t-shirts. The children created all their own stencils which were then pinned to a t-shirt and they then sprayed over them to create the masterpieces you can see in the gallery. The children created some brilliant work and were all very proud with their new designer t-shirts! A huge thank you to Mr Carey who came in to show us his expertise in graffiti and help the children with their designs!

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Year 3 Graffiti
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