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Latest news

Year 5 and Year 6 Maths Club

You may not have heard, but, at Shakespeare Primary School, we love maths!

Year 5 and Year 6 have had the opportunity within their bubbles to take part in our excellent maths club over the past few weeks.

This year has seen the first ‘split’ Maths Club. This has meant that in Year 5, 5B have had the first opportunity to take part in the ever popular club. Whilst this is the case in Year 5, Year 6 have continued to be able to offer spaces to children across all three class groups with children working within their own bubbles.


As usual, children have been keen to flex their mathematical ‘muscle’ and show just how capable they are at maths. They’ve been working on their rapid recall of timestables using the superb TimesTable RockStars app (TTRS). This is an app they can use both at home and in school and allows children to practise a range of different multiplication facts whilst being timed. They also have the opportunity to play against other children and earn points to spend on their avatar so they can look super cool!

After an initial burst on this game, they then work together with the adults in the room to practise some key maths skills.


Children have been developing their understanding of sequences and patterns recently and looking at how numbers can work together in different ways. These keen mathematicians have also been working on their understanding of the algorithms for the four fundamental operations we use in maths: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Beyond that, children have developed their understanding of the inverse of calculations and looked at missing number problems and how they can be solved easily.  club4

Alongside all this practice that children engage in, they develop their love of maths and confidence which is why we just LOVE Maths Club!

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