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For parents/carers

For parents/carers

Our Key Dates 2017

Please note: This list is still under revision for 2017. A full list of dates will be published shortly.

Date Event Time
3rd January Tuesday - School starts 8:45
12th January Year 4 trip to The Deep 8:20
17th January Phonics Meeting 9:00
17th January 3H Trip to Leeds City Museum 8:45
18th January 3C Trip to Leeds City Museum 8:45
18th January Parent Voice 8:45
20th January Leeds Inclusive Sports Hall Athletics Event 9:30
25th January 3C trip to Skelton Grange 8:45
25th January 3-4s Tapestry Meeting with Parents (AM) 11:30
25th January 3-4s Tapestry Meeting with Parents (PM) 15:10
1st February Reception Maths at Home workshop with Parents 15:00
2nd February 3H Trip to Skelton Grange 8:45
2nd February Maths Workshop for Parents 8:45
2nd February U11s Football vs Allerton 15:00
6th February Year 5 & 6 Ola Mexico Performance 13:45
10th February Friday - Break Up for February Half Term 15:00
20th February School restarts 8:45
20th February Class 2D Balanceability  (to 22nd Feb) 9:00
27th February Class 2C Balanceability (to 1st March) 9:00
28th February U11s Netball Fixture vs Allerton (at CAL) 15.30
2nd March World Book Day 8:45
2nd March U11s Football Festival 15:00
6th March Year 6 Bikeability Training (to 10th March) 9:00
6th March U9 Football vs Woodlesford 15:30
7th March U11s Netball vs Shadwell (at CAL) 15:30
8th March Parent Voice 8:45
9th March 4B Wizardry Class 9.25
9th March U11s Football vs St. Patrick's 15:00
10th March 4S Wizardry Class 9.25
13th March Nursery 3-4s Maths Parent Workshop 8:30
13th March Year 6 Bikeability Training 9:00
14th March U11s Netball (at CAL) 15:30
15th March NSPCC Assembly 12:00
16th March Pupil Support sub-committee meeting 13:00
16th March U11s Football Competition (at Hunslet Club) 15:00
16th March Full Governing Body Meeting 17:00
20th March U9s Football vs Meanwood 15:15
21st March U11s Netball vs Gledhow (at CAL) 15:30
22nd March Learn to Ride (1SH) 9:00
22nd March Y5 & 6 NSPCC Workshops 13:15
23rd March Sky Sports Living for Sport (Y3&4) 9:00
23rd March U9s Football Competition (at Hunslet Club) 15:15
27th March Learn to Ride (1CH) 9:00
27th March Key Step Gymnastics (at John Charles) 9:00
28th March Festival of Science - Year 4 (at Uni of Leeds) 13:00
30th March Parents' SATs Meeting 15:00
31st March

Break up for Easter

18th April

Tuesday - School restarts for Summer Term

20th April
KS2 Aqua Festival (TBC)
20th April
U11 Netball vs Shadwell
21st April SATs Buster Workshops (Y6) 10:00
25th April Y1 Come Dine With Me 11:45
26th April Y2 Come Dine With Me 11:45
27th April U11 High 5 Netball Competition 15:00
28th April Year 3 Come Dine With Me 11:45
2nd May Year 4 Come Dine With Me 11:45
3rd May Year 5 Come Dine With Me 11:45
5th May Year 6 Come Dine With Me 11:45
8th May SATs Year 6 Reading Test 8:00
9th May SATS Y6 SPAG and Spelling Test 8:00
10th May
SATs Y6 Maths Paper 1 & 2 8:00
11th May SATS Y6 Maths Paper 3 8:00
23rd May KS2 OAA Participation Day 9:00
24th May Multi Sport Day - 5M 9:00
25th May KS2 Active Schools Triathlon Event (to 26/05) 9:00

26th May

Break up for May half term


5th June

Summer Term 2 begins


20th July

Break up for Summer