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Latest news

And we are off!

September 2023 at Shakespeare

Our Curriculum of Excellence from the Heart of Leeds is already in full swing. Early Years and Year One have started with some of our very best core texts including The Proudest Blue (Rec) and Coming to England (Y1). Year Two have had a visit from Lion Learners helping them to investigate how different animals are suited to their habitats.

Year Three have had a Now Press Play drama adventure on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. Year Four have invited parents in to see their cave painting story telling in the style of the Paleolithic era and had a visit from Leeds Museums to learn how archaeologists know things about the past. Year Five have been toon a geography field trip to the Osmondthorpe allotments finding out which crops the temperate climate zone of Leeds can grow and Year Six have visited Eden Camp former Prisoner of War camp to understand more about D Day, the blitz and who the allies and axis were. 

Parents have also been busy with Meet the Teacher meetings for every year group, phonics workshops, Parent Voice sessions and a Parent Ambassador meeting.

It's good to be back!


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