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Latest news

Maria Farrer – Author Visit in Year Four

On a Friday in May, world-famous author, Maria Farrer visited the Year Four children. We had been reading one of Maria’s books – ‘Me and Mister P’ in English lessons so Maria drove all the way from the Yorkshire Dales to answer our questions. The book is about a polar bear called Mister P who arrives at Arthur’s house to help him out with his brother. The book is very funny and we all loved it. Mister P is adopted by the local football team as a mascot, he visits Arthur’s school AND he eats A LOT of ice cream!


Maria spent an hour with each Year Four class. She told us what it is like to be a writer. She shared pictures of her writing room, her family and her dog. She even brought in a life-size cardboard polar bear. They are HUGE! Maria told us that polar bears have blue tongues. She explained to us how their fur keeps them warm in the Arctic. She also showed us how polar bears greet each other. They touch noses.


We ended each session by reading our own stories about Mister P to Maria. She was so impressed that she gave us all a ‘Mister P’ book mark. She answered all our questions about being a writer and said she would love to come back to see us next year. What an absolute treat! Maria is a legend and we are already reading the next story about Mister P.

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