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Latest news

Y6 Whitby: Day 1 (Aahana 6C)  

The anticipation was building by the second; a bucket of emotions were bottled up in my head. I was excited, nervous, calm and scared all at once as we were on the journey to our Y6 Residential. Me and my friends were chatting on the coach, waiting for our arrival at Dalby Forest, where the Go‑Ape tree top activity awaited us. When we got there, we wore the harnesses that were given to us, listened carefully to the instructions, and set off on our miraculous adventure. The obstacle course was fun, but also a bit scary, and overall it was the best thing I have ever experienced! After the amazing journey in the trees, we headed back on the coach to get to the Youth Hostel. The view pulled me closer to the window until I couldn’t move; it was a bright, sunny day in Whitby and the sea glistened like stars in a clear night sky. When we got off, I grabbed my suitcase and the teachers sorted our rooms. Quickly, we consumed our dinner, and after changing into comfortable clothes, we went to explore the outside world in our night walk around town. As I got into my pyjamas and into bed, all I could think was, “This is awesome!” 


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