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Latest news

Y6 Whitby: Day 2 (Maria 6F)  

At the start of day two, (after a big breakfast) we walked to the huge beach we had all been waiting for - Saltwick Bay! It might have been a long and tiring walk but it was worth it to be able to walk across the beach, find fossils and jet jewels with your best friends, and just having the time of your life! Once we had discovered some fossils and jewels, (while getting soaked along the way) we took a beach photo together and walked back up the coast to the Youth Hostel. Even after the walk there was still more fun to have!  Once we had got rid of our wet socks, changed out of dirty clothes and had some more fun time with our friends in our rooms, it was time to get our five-pound notes to buy whatever we wanted for family or just sweets for the movie night later on.   In our assigned groups, we went around Whitby, going into shops full of delicious sweets, gifts for family and friends or going into the many arcades that Whitby has to have fun then and there!   After spending our money (which was used for lots and lots of sweets) we all met up for a boat trip on a replica of the Captain James Cook boat!  It was amazing, we went on to the boat, it wasn’t too fast or slow, we went past a bridge and saw dolphins (they even played music and everyone sang along, even the teachers!).  After the long and exhausting day, we went to our rooms to change into our PJs and show each other what sweets we’d got.  After what felt like forever, we got to go downstairs with our blankets, pillows and sweets to watch the movie (you could pick between The Witches or Big Hero 6) but luckily for me we could watch the England versus Italy match which England won 3 - 1.


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