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For Parents/Carers

For Parents/Carers

Breakfast and After School Clubs

In September 2018 we began our brand new Breakfast and After School clubs. 


Our Aims

Our Aims

We offer before and after school child care for 4-11 year olds who attend our school.

We aim to provide a high quality service which meets the needs of both our parents, carers and our children.

Both our breakfast and after school clubs are safe, supportive, encouraging and nurturing environments.

We offer children and their parents and carers a warm welcome and an environment where children can play, talk, relax, have fun and learn. They can be with friends, make new friends and try out new activities. There is also the opportunity to catch up on homework.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

Our breakfast club runs from Monday to Friday between 8-8.45am.

The cost is 50p per child per session, which must be paid on ParentPay. No booking is required.

All children receive a healthy breakfast as well as the opportunity to play or catch up on homework.

We cannot stress enough the importance of eating a healthy breakfast before starting the school day. It is linked to improved concentration, increased energy, a higher intake of vitamins and minerals, and even a healthier body weight.

We are part of Healthy Schools, which supports children and families in making informed decisions about their health. 

School Care Club

School Care Club

Our after school care club runs from Monday to Friday between 3-4.30pm.

The club is aimed at children whose parents are unable to collect them at 3pm due to commitments such as work or children who do not get a place in our other clubs.

The cost is £3.00 per child per session with siblings being charged £1.00.

Bookings and payment must be made in advance as there are a limited number of places.

After School Club can only be paid for on ParentPay. For help using ParentPay, please contact the school office.

Parents should collect their child/children by 4.30pm from the front of school.

Our Staff

Our Staff

Miss Atkinson, Mrs Bibi and Miss Pickworth run our breakfast club. Mrs Bibi also runs our after school care club.

The team provide parents, carers and our children with a warm welcome every day. They are focused on providing a highly quality service and ensuring that our children have a fun time in a safe and supportive setting.

Our staff team have a wealth of experience of working with primary age children in a variety of settings.

Miss Atkinson has worked at Shakespeare for over 20 years and provides classroom support to our key stage 1 children. Mrs Bibi is part of our successful lunchtime team and Miss Pickworth works in the classroom with our year 4 children and supports our gymnastics club.

Please do not hesitate to speak to our staff should you have any questions or concerns about our Breakfast or After School Care Clubs.

Registering Your Child

Registering Your Child

Please complete the attached form below if you would like your child/children to attend either Club.

Terms and Conditions

The completed forms should be returned to the School Office either in person or via email,

Breakfast AS01

We offer healthy breakfasts for all children, including fruit, yoghurt and toast.




Our After School club challenges children to harness their creativity.