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For Parents/Carers

For Parents/Carers

DB Primary

DB Primary is the online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) used by all children and staff at Shakespeare.

This page contains information for all parents about DB Primary and how it is used in School.


To access DB Primary, our learning from home digital platform, click the icon above. If you have issues with your child's user name and/or password please email and a member of the Shakespeare Team will get back to you.


Click the link here for our School DB Primary site.

What is DB Primary?

What is DB Primary?

DB Primary is an online educational resource used by schools across the UK. It's an excellent tool for enriching our curriculum by using the videos and activities within lesson time - whether it's English, Maths, Science or Computing.

Every child at Shakespeare has their own access to our DB Primary hub. They can use DB Primary both in school and at home. DB Primary also offers the facility for teachers to assign activities as homework to pupils in their class.

How does my child use DB Primary?

How does my child use DB Primary?

Each child at Shakespeare is given a DB Primary 'Passport', which gives them their username and password for the website. It is important that they memorise their passwords and do not share them with anyone else - including their friends at school.

To access the website at home, your child can go to the For Pupils section of our school website, where they can find a direct link to DB Primary. It can also be found through google by searching for 'DB Primary Shakespeare Leeds'*.

Once logged in, they are directed to their DB Primary homepage. If your child's class teacher has assigned them any tasks as homework, these will be displayed on their homepage, with information on when the task(s) must be completed for.

If your child has not been assigned any homework, there is still plenty to explore. The icon at the top featuring a red parrot will take them to the Activities page, which includes a huge variety of educational activities and games in almost every curriculum subject. The topics available to your child will be specific to their school year group and all activites, including the games, are designed to enhance your child's learning

Other features include a blog, where children can write posts about any topic they wish, and a messaging service where they can send messages to their school friends. It is not possible for children to send messages to anyone they do not know and all messages and blog posts are monitored to ensure that all children are safe.

If you have any other questions regarding the use of DB Primary please contact Mrs. Wilson or Mr. Bottrill at School.

*Please note: DB Primary is used by many schools both in Leeds and the UK - so just googling 'DB Primary' or 'DB Primary Leeds' may not bring up the correct site.