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About our school

About our school

Our staff

Head Teacher

Mr J Gorton

Vision and direction, Governing Body, overall Standards, Teaching and Learning, Staffing, Finance, Buildings, Targeted Services, Safeguarding and School Partnerships

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs E Cook

Assessment and data, Lower Key Phase Two Leader, Child Protection Officer, Curriculum Development, Appraisal, NQTs

Assistant Head Teacher KS1

Miss H Drew

Key Stage One Leader, EAL and New Arrivals, NQT Mentor, Appraisal, Assessment, Staff Induction, Year 2 teacher

Assistant Head Teacher & Phase Leader (EYFS)

Mrs A Brealey

Foundation Stage Leader, EYFS Specialist Leader of Education, EYFS Admissions and Transition, Appraisal, Assessment, Creative Curriculum Team Leader, EYFS Teacher

Assistant Head Teacher KS2

Mrs R Wilson

Upper Key Phase 2 Leader, Subject Lead for Maths, Strategic Lead for Computing, Partnership and Community links, Year 6 teacher.

Assistant Head Teacher - Inclusion

Mrs G Briggs

Inclusion and Special Educational Needs (SENCO), EAL and New Arrivals, Child Protection Officer, Year 2 teacher.

Phase Leader (KS1)

Mrs L Hatswell

Phase Leader for Years 1 & 2, Year 1 teacher

Phase Leader (LKS2)

Mr P Doyle

Phase Leader for Years 3 & 4, Year 4 teacher

Phase Leader (UKS2) & Leader of Learning

Mr K Feather

Phase Leader for Year 5 & 6. Learning Team Leader for Health, Sport and Well-being, PE subject lead, Year 5 teacher.

 Leader of Learning

Mrs S Beer

Learning Team Leader for Science, Knowledge and Understanding, Science subject lead, Year 4 teacher.

Leader of Learning

Mrs J Fox

English Subject lead, Year 6 teacher


Miss C King

Nursery teacher, Artsmark lead


Miss E Corbett

Reception teacher, PSHE subject lead


Miss C Hall

Reception teacher, Geography subject lead


Mrs S Howarth

Year 1 teacher, Art subject lead


Miss L Coupe

Year 2 teacher, Music subject lead


Miss L Carey

Year 3 teacher, RE subject lead


Mrs N Sharif

PPA cover, History subject lead


Mrs McGee

Reception Teacher, Investors in Pupils lead


Mr G Ryan

Year 4 teacher, Design & Technology subject lead


Miss A Monaghan

Year 6 teacher, Computing subject lead


Business Manager

Mrs V Brinkworth

Leads in the management, supervision and provision of school support services.


Mrs S Hepworth

 Organising and maintaining school finances.

Administrative Assistant

Mrs J Milnes

Providing administrative support. Welcoming parents and visitors.

Administrative Assistant

Mrs L Linley

 Providing administrative support. Welcoming parents and visitors.

Pastoral Support Manager

Miss L Smith

Designated Child Protection officer, Family support, attendance.

Attendance & Family Support Advisor

Miss R Brookes

Attendance, Designated Child Protection Officer. 

Learning and Academic Mentors

Mrs I. Palin

Mrs S. Green

Mrs A. Gibbons

Mrs J Hill-Pearson

Miss L Hallinan

Mr J Mullings

Mrs S Mather


Behaviour Support Worker

Mrs A Gibbons


Mrs P Derbyshire

Miss L Hallinan



Mrs Y Mantey


Speech & Language Therapy

Mrs P Rahman


ICT Support Manager

Mr A Lancaster

Lunchtime Supervisors

Miss L Smith

Conduct, welfare and safety of pupils during the lunchtime period

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

Mrs D Cousins

Mrs G Hassan

Miss T Hussain

Mrs N Bibi

Mr S Borsak

Mrs N Yakoob

Mrs S Hoyle


Breakfast and After School Club

Mr C Bishop-West

Mrs N Bibi



Nursery 2-3s

Mrs H Collier

C Butler

F Longley

R Colley

Nursery 3-4s

Miss C King

C Magro

C Butler

S Hussain

W Lambert


Mrs A Brealey (Maternity)

Mrs N McGee (Maternity)

Miss E Corbett

Miss C Hall

Mrs C Jessop

L Tetley

K Buckley

H Crowther

K Dawson

Year 1

Mrs L Hatsworth

Mrs S Howarth

Miss M Higgins

A Hutchinson

A Mcglashan

P Rahman

D Whitaker

G Parsonage

R Ishfaq

M Ali

Year 2

Miss H Drew

Miss L Coupe

Mr T Lavelle

L Mellor

C Pickering

C Judd

S Tzerksos

S Atkinson

Year 3

Miss L Carey

Miss H Robson

Mrs E Cook

U Slaughter

K Wade

K Smith

S Mather

 Year 4

Mr P Doyle

Mrs S Beer

Mr G Ryan

 A Carter

Y Mantey

C Bishop-West

J Mullings-Jeffers

Year 5

Mr K Feather

Miss H Lowe

Mr B Miah

M Pierre

L Clough

A Gibbon

L Palin

T Kelley

Year 6

Miss A Monaghan

Mrs V Ibetson

Mrs J Fox

Mrs R Wilson

S Green

S Lowe

L Nelson

L Simcock

K Baldie

J Kearsley


Mrs N Sharif

Miss M Durning

Miss S Baird

Miss L Hallinan


Additional Support  

E Prunean

J Hill-Pearson