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About our school

About our school

Behaviour at Shakespeare

At Shakespeare Primary School, we expect high standards of behaviour at all times.

Learning is our priority and good behaviour is essential for effective teaching and learning to take place The best results, in terms of promoting good behaviour arise from emphasising potential, rewarding success and giving praise for effort and achievement, rather than focusing on negative behaviour.  It is the responsibility of parents to support their children with behaving well at school.

Whole School Golden Rules and Reasons

We expect children to take responsibility for their behaviour through understanding and following our GOLDEN RULES and reasons.

Our Golden Rules are:

  • We are Honest... so that we can sort out problems quickly and feel happy again.
  • We walk in school ... so that we are safe.
  • We are kind and thoughtful.... so that we can show respect to each other.
  • We use kind comments and have safe hands and feet ... so that we don't hurt ourselves and other people.
  • We work hard and always try our best ... so that we can be proud of ourselves
  • We look after property... so we don't waste or damage things.
  • We Listen to each other ... so we can get things right.

At our school we regularly celebrate the success of our children in a variety of ways. For example: Whole school rewards, individual class rewards, Celebration assemblies, Star of the week, stickers, non-verbal praise, positive verbal comments and praise, giving children responsibility, sharing positive aspects with others, speaking to parents, post cards home, good to be gold certificates.

Good to be Gold

'Good to be Gold' is our whole school reward system that rewards children for their effort and attitude towards all aspects of school. Children can earn gold stars both for their classes and individually for themselves. Class Gold allows children to work together to earn stars which can then be exchanged for a whole class treat. Children can also earn individual gold stars for effort, attitude, behaviour, and learning. When a child receives 30,60,90 etc gold stars they receive a sticker, a certificate in assembly and a house point.

Sanctions and Consequences

Although Shakespeare Primary aims to focus on positives at all times, there are, unfortunately, occasions when children do not keep the golden rules. When dealing with inappropriate behaviour we have clear school procedures outlining how and when we would apply the different strategies/sanctions to stop negative behaviours.  Staff use a clear and consistent approach so that children know that we will deal with all behaviours fairly and consistently. Click here to see our Behaviour Policy.

Click here to see the Written Statement of Behaviour Principles

Click here for more information about our Pastoral Support Team