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About our school

About our school

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In History, children learn about the history of the British Isles and important civilisations from around the world. In addition to knowledge of key people, places and dates, children also learn important historical inquiry skills such as interpreting sources, establishing causation, understanding change over time and chronology. Underpinning our curriculum are the wonderful stories which provide a narration of both British and World History for our children. In Key Stage 1, children develop their understanding of the past and how things were different to modern life. They begin to understand how things can change over time, and how key people and events are remembered because of history. In Key Stage 2, children learn about periods of history in both Britain and the wider world. British History covers the first civilisations to live in the British Isles, followed by the Roman occupation and its legacy. Children learn about the Dark Ages and how invaders and settlers came to Britain from Germany, Scandinavia and France. This understanding History demonstrates to children how early British History was shaped by different peoples and cultures and how many features of modern life can be attributed to these times. Children also learn about the theme of power and justices across history, in addition to the causes and consequences of conflict in the 20th century. Children learn about these topics through a wide enquiry question, and each lesson provides a mini-enquiry to piece together the important information from each topic. World History teaches children about the many different civilisations which existed throughout history. Children learn about the different ways of life in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Medieval Baghdad, and the legacy belonging to each of these civilisations. This is an important opportunity to learn about the history and legacies of other countries and cultures and to be able to compare these with British history during the same periods and eras. Children also study an aspect of the history and geography of Leeds during Leeds Week in the Spring term.


Our curriculum is laid out in such a way that the children will initially learn about their personal history, that being their family and Leeds community. As a child moves through our school, their historical knowledge and understanding will deepen as it is built on the foundations laid in the previous years. In addition to this, we recognise the important role that History plays in preparing our children with skills that they can use for life, raising their aspirations, understanding how to be a good and a responsible citizen. This is extremely important for children at Shakespeare in allowing them access to a much wider world and develop a level of cultural capital and depth of understanding that allows them to progress to the next stage of their education.

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