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About our school

About our school

ClassDynamix are back in School!

Yes, Danny Gough is back to run an After-School Music Group for Years 5 & 6.


Danny Gough is a professional musician, performing artist and creative educator, who enthuses children and teachers with the way he teaches.  Over the past three years our school has created a partnership with Danny and we have benefitted from his wonderful activity based musical experiences.He has worked with us on a variety of musical projects from The Circus through to Ghana! He has even taken a group of thirty children from Shakespeare to perform at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in front of 750 people!

Shakespeare was home to Leeds' first Class Dynamix group and Danny now works in schools right across the city. The group work on fantastic, creative projects which aim to share a positive message wherever they go.

Past Projects have included:

Bullying Stop - Part of a city-wide Anti-Bullying project

Turn On The Lights - In a collaboration with Leeds Rhinos, Leeds City Council and Behind Closed Doors, this project aimed to raise awareness of Domestic Violence.

Back to School? You Got This! - Many children are nervous about returning to school after the holidays. Danny wrote the song I Go, recorded at Shakespeare, to help children feel positive about coming back.

One Leeds - Leeds is home to people from many different cultures. The song One Leeds celebrates our amazing diversity whilst reminding us that each of us is a part of the same city - we are one!

In 2018, Shakespeare's Class Dynamix group took part in Leeds' Got Talent at the Dock Hall, Leeds Dock. They gave a fantastic performance of their latest song, One Leeds, and were crowned winners!

Have a look at what ClassDynamix are about on their website: