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About our school

About our school

Physical Education


All children leaving school with the knowledge, understanding, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and the ability to achieve their physical, emotional and social potential.




Shakespeare Primary School recognises the vital contribution that Physical Education makes to a child's physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development, as well as the positive role it can play in a child's spiritual, moral and cultural development. Physical Education is one of the statutory foundation subjects of the National Curriculum, and makes a vital and unique contribution to every child’s physical development, health and wellbeing.

Through building up a body of key foundational knowledge and skills, pupils should be encouraged to recognise the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle and develop a sense of pride and excitement in their personal achievements.



Our PE curriculum is designed to provide every child with the opportunity to reach their physical, social and emotional potential. It allows them to discover the capabilities of their bodies, develop an in depth understanding of how their body can change, and build a repertoire of skills to aid them throughout their lives.

As a school we have recently invested in real PE, a scheme of work that we felt matched our vision and the needs of our children perfectly. It focuses on 6 key areas that we feel are essential in the development of children as they grow and learn. The key areas are shown below, each with an overview of what we aim to provide each child with as a result of outstanding physical education.


  • For all children to be able to effectively transfer skills and movements across a range of activities.
  • For all children to perform a variety of skills consistently and effectively in challenging or competitive situations.

Health & Fitness

  • For all children to be able to explain how individuals need different types and levels of fitness to be more effective in their activity/ role/ event.
  • For all children to be able to plan and follow their own basic fitness programme.
  • For all children to be able to explain the basic fitness components and to know how long to exercise to keep healthy.


  • For all children to be able to use variety and creativity to engage an audience.
  • For all children to be able to respond imaginatively to different situations, adapting and adjusting skills, movements or tactics.


  • For all children to be able to review, analyse and evaluate their own and others' strengths and weaknesses.
  • For all children to be able to read and react to different game situations as they develop.


  • For all children to be able to involve others and motivate people around them to perform.
  • For all children to be able to give and receive sensitive feedback to improve their own and others' performance.


  • For all children to be able to create their own learning journey and revise it when needed.
  • For all children to be able to see all new challenges as opportunities to learn and develop.

PE Curriculum

PE Curriculum

All children at Shakespeare Primary School experience 2 hours PE a week.

Below is a copy of the PE Curriculum Map for 2018-19. To download a copy, please go to our Curriculum page.

PE Curriculum Map for 2018 19



PE Kit

PE Kit

At Shakespeare we believe that bringing the correct kit for PE is important. It helps get off to a good start in lessons, it makes sure pupils are able to reach the performance levels they are capable of and it is hygienic. The required kit for indoor activities is a white T-shirt, red shorts and a change of footwear. For outdoor PE sessions, during the Winter, children may wear plain black or navy jogging bottoms and/or a plain black or navy jumper.  Children should not wear jewellery in school. However, if there is an item of jewellery worn for religious reasons class teachers should be informed. PE kit is available at the school office.